Golf simulator



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A few words about “The Best Software”


The GOLFOTRON NEW GENERATION 3D GOLF SIMULATION SOFTWARE is currently the world’s most advanced golf simulator program. This golf simulator is the first to allow golf courses to be easily created using either GPS data or photographs and plans. It gives golf clubs, golf centres and enthusiasts the ability to have their own or local golf course simulated in 3D, quickly and affordably.



The Main Menu has been designed so that the navigation is very quick and easy to use. The Main Menu allows you to play a new game, restart a previous game, have Longest Drive or Nearest to Pin competitions, practice driving, chipping or putting. Defaults screen has various settings that can be altered by the centre and golfers alike. Most golfers will not go to this screen as they will accept the standard settings and start their game. The settings that can be altered are sounds, green firmness, green speed, putting options, putting alignment, display timer, re-hits, game timer, languages and contests.